Sunday, December 11, 2005

Evil Insane Geniuses

I like evil geniuses, they're often fun to be around (and on the right side of) but some are just mean (cough cough) But thats not important... What is important is that there are many cheese biscuits for sale... and because people dont quite understand, i will explain...

Take Two Choc Weaten biscuits (cookies for those who dont speak english (IE Americans))
Take One Slice of Cheese (kinda like milk but hard) (Preferably extremely strong cheese)
Make a "Sandwich" (like a big kahuna but with cheese instead of icecream)
Cover in melted cheese
Cover in melted chocolate
Cool so the cheese and chocolate hardens

Then dont tell anyone there is cheese in them...

Give to friends for their chocolatey enjoyment!


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