Monday, November 07, 2005

George... i think we need to kill the blacks!

Dearest buddy George!

long time no see, ever since that night in Georgia where we bet up that old blind black guy! Its been about 3 months now hasnt it! wow, time does fly. Anyway i am on my way to Washington, and was wondering if you wanted to meet up and do it again... also i think you definately need to see your doctor about that rash you mentioned, although im not sure, i think your daugters definately gave you herpies... you dirty old man :)

But thats enough of me, give my regards to Libs, as i hear he is going through a rough time at the moment, Rover would have been better, but then he wouldnt have won those votes if he didnt win over all those wives of important ministers, i never know how he does it...

Hope this finds you well,

Alfred P. Wachowski
Head of The Aryan Nation
White Supremacists United Under George, 23 Oct 2005


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