Thursday, May 19, 2005

Uh... Early mornings and Work Work Work

Yay... i got up at 10 am this morning as i needed to go into town and get my key to open up... stupid work opening at 6am... yay early night... booo early morning tomorrow, bout 5am... Ooh it will be soo much fun, im tempted to take a page out of the other guys book and not turn up until 7-8 but that would be bad... naughty naughty i need a spanking kinda bad... But hey, flames on tomorrow, so then i can relax looking after noisy messy not quite teenage kids... Sometimes they can get really silly and annoying, but most of the time theyre great... I cant remember what we're doing tomorrow... but its bound to have issues... but still be good... pity that i get home at 10 and then i have work again on saturday at 6am... sigh... if only i didnt get paid so well,


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