Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The rain makes me do things mommie!

Wow... it rained hard today... very hard... i got wet walking to uni today... and then walking back... poor little old me... but then i also made up a cool story as well while walking, and afterwards all i could do was sing "Do You Feel The Love Tonight"... Just the first line, people thought i was crazy... good guessing on their part! I got more results today... i failed miserably... well if a C is a fail anyway... But im not too worried as i am always able to do everything again next year when i have to come back and finish cos i failed due to always getting kicked out of class for singing "Do You Feel The Love Tonight" out loud


Blogger Lani said...

Dude, there's a nice saying that goes around Bible College. I think it may have been an ex-uni student who started it...

"C's get degrees"


9:57 PM  

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